Pocket Garden

What is a pocket garden

Handy pocket garden are the substrate and attached seeds. Plants are grown right in the pocket. Pocket garden is for growing at home. Seeds are planted directly into the dirt when you buy a package that is placed on a light place (window). Furthermore, it is only required regular watering. Seeds germinate in about 7-21 days.
Pocket garden is a very popular gift shop at a reasonable price.

All seeds are from proven suppliers worldwide. For a series of organic herbs and Grow your first 90% are available in organic quality.
Substrate in the pocket gardens is a certified English as The Soil Association, 100% organic. Substrate t contains coconut fiber, horticultural perlite and bark. It does not contain peat.

How Pocket garden works
Pocket garden is a package of high quality seeds and substrate.
Pocket gardens are designed for growing at home, so the seeds can be planted at any time of year.
Each pack contains 8-40 seeds (depending on species), the success rate is 85% germination.
After germination, seedlings are mostly thin out, keep the strongest package of only 1-2. Other seedlings can be transplanted.

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