HOMEbox Modular

Homebox Modular allows you to fully customize your box growing domestic demands. Allows you to determine not only the size and shape of the growing space, but also gives flexibility in the location of the entrance door, entry and exit holes and accessories where needed. Is interchangeable into various shapes and sizes and as often as you want.

How do you create your shape?

Eastside Impex - inventors of the portable grow room - takes you to the next level.

The HOMEbox Modular Building Kit consists of 3 sets.

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3

HOMEbox® MODULAR is our patent-protected solution to help you to create a growing area of any shape and size you wish—the only limit is your imagination!

If your customers are looking to convert an entire room into an indoor garden, then the HOMEbox® MODULAR system is the perfect solution. You can create a growing area of practically any shape or size and even keep extending it if you wish.

The HOMEbox® MODULAR range consists of three “content sets” – you combine different sets to create different shapes and sizes—it really is that simple! Like all our grow tents, no tools are required for assembly. And if you outgrow your space it’s no problem to add on more modules as and when you need them.

Larger growers love the HOMEbox® MODULAR kits because it makes creating a “room within a room” (RWAR) really easy. The RWAR technique simplifies environmental control and extraction, increases protection from pests and also makes for trouble-free cleaning and maintenance.


No tools required—most HOMEbox® MODULAR systems can be assembled (and taken down) by one person alone.

Move doors and ventilation points according to your needs. HOMEbox® MODULAR has been designed to adapt and evolve to your needs.

Add more space with extra content kits! HOMEbox® MODULAR kits come with extra large ports for air extraction and inflow for industrial-sized ventilation solutions.

You can create just about any shape you want, making better, more efficient use of the space you have available.
- See more at: http://www.homebox.net/en/content/homebox-modular#sthash.936gilzT.dpuf

Each of the numerous shapes consists of a clearly defined number of the 3 sets.

For example, let's take the Potsdam shape. If you want to build Potsdam, you need:

1x Set 1 3x Set 2 0x Set 3

It is just as easy to create all the other shapes.

Classic vs. Modular

  • Easy and simple
  • "Hobbyists"
  • Made to suit most needs
  • Low price for small units
  • Many sizes available
  • Different heights available
  • Available in "light", "Classic white"
  • and "Classic Silver"
  • Often Copied - never matched


  • Universal and "complex"
  • "Professionals"
  • Can be adjusted to suit exact needs
  • Low price for larger units
  • 3 sets form literally any size
  • Comes in one height
  • Available in "Modular white"
  • Patent Pending
  • Fully adaptable/modular

Homebox - tried and tested quality

As you expect from HOMEbox, we have also taken the greatest care with our new modular range so that it only uses materials which contain no ingredients of any kind which are harmful to health.
Tried and tested quality is as vital to us as ever.


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