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Bio Nova has five main lines in her product range:

1--Nutri Nova, the most easy to use A/B-fertilizer available today. This concentrated fertilizer has been developed for systems with artificial substrates such as rockwool, polyurethane slabs, Mapito, etc.

2--Coco Nova, based on Nutri Nova and has especially been adapted to cultivating on Bio Nova Coco slabs or any other brand of coconut slabs.

3--Hydro Supermix, a one component fertilizer consisting of natural minerals. Add a supplement of BN P-K 13+14 during flowering. This product is suitable for cultivating on rockwool, polyurethane, Mapito and other artificial substrates. This fertilizer can also be successfully applied to soil by means of a dripping system.

4--NFT-AQUA Supermix, also a one component fertilizer consisting of natural minerals. Again, add a supplement of BN P-K 13+14 during flowering. This fertilizer is in particular suitable for cultivating on NFT-systems and other systems without subtrates, and which make use of the recirculation of drainage water.

5--Soil Supermix, based on Hydro Supermix. The ultimate fertilizer for the cultivation on soil. Also here a combination with P-K 13+14 is recommended. This product differs from Hydro Supermix for its addition of specific organic extracts.

Each of these five main fertilizers could be used in combination with four care products, which are important for root development and stimulates the plant's growth and thus leads to a higher yield. Furthermore, these products increases the plant's resistance to vermin, fungi, viruses, and other plagues.

For each of the five types of cultivating, there have been set up fertilization schemes, which serve as a clear guide for the application and dosage of the fertilizers. When the other factors are optimal as well, the application of these fertilizers will definitely result into an optimal yield.

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