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Introductory information

All orders received via the interface (ie shopping cart), in electronic form by e-mail address, delivered in writing to our postal address, or accepted by phone or fax are considered binding unless canceled the very day of ordering. Order may make physical and legal persons. Sending an order the customer confirms the agreement with the complete text "Terms and Conditions" applicable to online store www.mazar.cz at the time of the order. The purchase contract is actually created at the time of receipt of ordered goods by the buyer. The entire range of the declaration of conformity issued pursuant to Act No. 22/1997 Coll.


Product price is calculated including VAT. The shipping cost is added only if the price of goods does not exceed the minimum threshold 3000, - Kč (information on the main page or see. Freight)


Free shipping - when ordering over 3000, - Kč no charge for transportation within the Czech Republic!

Other types of shipments, with a lower price than the established minimum limit 3000, - Kč for free shipping within CZ, subject to valid price list of transport companies, which will deliver the consignment.

Distribution in Brno and surroundings ALWAYS FREE!

Method of payment and delivery in the CR

Bank transfer - the goods are paid on the basis of invoices. Goods will be sent to the address of the customer to the amounts credited to our account CSOB 166577950 / 0300.
COD - goods are paid for in cash carrier-drivers to take over, the driver shall forward a receipt of payment by customers (shipping list).

Transport and receipt of goods

Ordered goods are delivered to the address and apartment number, which entered the customer - the customer. Goods are delivered through a delivery service. The driver is not required to move shipments to homes or apartments, unless both parties agree otherwise. We transport the goods ordered by the Czech and Slovak Republic, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia (in other countries, according to agreement).

Goods that will be delivered in a visibly damaged package in principle do not accept and return it to the carriers and packing slip the reason for the abandonment - "damaged shipment. Immediately arrange delivery of replacement goods undamaged and free. Please note that the acquisition of goods (ie, signed waybill), you assume the risk for damaged goods in transit and will not therefore be followed for that reason, claim the goods. Carefully before taking over the consignment very carefully check the completeness and integrity of the shipping container, it only takes over the goods. In the case of abandonment due to damage to goods in transit will not be charged any additional costs.

Furthermore, within 24 hours after receipt of consignment of goods to expand and perform the shipment has been opened. In the event that the goods are incomplete or are missing parts contact us immediately and we will ensure redress. After this time is no longer possible to claim a damaged or incomplete shipments accepted. Defects and functionality are addressed in accordance with the guarantee certificate.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on the selection of goods and method of payment. If the goods are in stock and will be sent cash on delivery or will be collected in person at the store or warehouse, the contract is settled within 24-48 hours.
If the goods will be paid by bank transfer to your goods delivered within 24-48 hours, but the amount being charged to our account.
Unless goods store or a catalog to order, we will send you the approximate time of delivery.
Processing within 24-48 hours does not mean that the goods will be delivered within 24-48 hours to your address but your order will be processed and forwarded to the dispatch from stock.

Documents - warranty and warranty and returns policies

Warranty Card / or commercial invoice is included with your goods. If not, the warranty period given tax or legal document. Tax document will be sent after receipt of the goods within 14 days, if not included with your goods. If you have an unconfirmed warranty on our part, send it to us for confirmation.

The goods covered under warranty conditions and warranty periods specified in the warranty statements of individual products. The minimum warranty period is 24 months. The warranty period starts the day of receipt of the subject transactions. In the event of a defect subject transactions covered by the warranty, the buyer applies to reconstruct the right dealer.

The buyer is obliged in case of complaints in writing (e-mail) to inform the seller. In this notice, please describe as fully as possible reason for complaint. We will then, within five working days we will inform the way forward in dealing with complaints. The other complaint is governed by the applicable laws, particularly the law on consumer protection.

Cancellation of orders by the buyer - cancellation - return of goods (without giving any reason)

Cancellation of orders by the buyer
In accordance with Act No. 367/2000 Coll. of 14 September 2000, every customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods in the form of mail-order sales. If you decide to withdraw in this period, we ask you to comply with all the following conditions:
- Goods must not be used
- Goods must be in original packaging and complete (including accessories, instructions, etc.)
- Goods may be damaged in any way
- Together with the returned goods should be sent to the original tax document, ie the invoice with the delivery note
- Postage associated with sending goods back to the seller pays the buyer returned goods should be insured during transport
- Goods must be sent to the delivery, such that the consignment can not be taken from us!

If the buyer refuses to receive the merchandise, or cancel orders after shipment of goods, despite the fact that he was between the buyer and the seller agreed delivery date, the seller - the operator of Internet commerce MAZARs.ro recover all costs associated with travel to the customer and back to the store.

Procedure cancellation of the purchase contract:

Send us writing a letter to our address with a request for a unilateral withdrawal order number and request a refund of amounts paid for the goods to the address or transfer to an account number.
Deliver the goods to the address listed, send the goods cash on delivery - can not be taken from us!
At the same time meeting all the above conditions for your return full purchase price will be sent by check to the indicated address, or transfer to your bank account, not later than 30 days after physical receipt of goods.
In the event of failure of any of the above conditions, unfortunately we can not accept cancellation of the contract and consumer goods will be returned at the expense of the sender.

Cancellation of orders from the vendor

Seller reserves the right to cancel the entire order or part of the substantiated cases:
- Goods already produced or delivered
- Changed significantly Price
In the event that such a situation actually occurred, we undertake that we will immediately contact you by phone or e-mail and then arrange with you on how to proceed (to pay the ordered goods to others, suppression of all orders, ...).
If you have already ordered the goods in advance paid by transfer, the money will be transferred back to your account within three working days.


The operator of Internet commerce MAZAR.CZ
declares that all personal data will be used only for Internet commerce MAZAR.cz need to accelerate and simplify handled orders and tax documents.
When handling personal data the company Mazar Ltd. obliged to obey the law No. 101/2000 Coll. The protection of personal data. Without the consent can not be any personal information transmitted.
Customer registration gives his consent to the collection of personal data. When registering the customer's basic information required to be added when making the order. The customer has the right to apply for deletion of personal data from the database (deregistration).



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