Reasons and advantages WHY use our energy saving LED lighting

  • Reasons and advantages WHY use our energy saving LED lighting:

  • a spectrum of light has exactly given wave lenghts – for the best prosperity of all plants. LED spectrum / SPECTRABOX is the first LED light, what enables to growers to go over whole cycle from germination up until harvest!
  • plants utilize 100 % light spectrum – below a classic HPS or HPI it is only 12-20% of light spectrum
  • distinctively lower power consumption – energy saving even up to 75% , 120W spectrabox úspora energie až 75% , 120W spectrabox is a substitution of 400W HPS (see bellow a conversion table)
  • a very low thermal emission – it does not leave infra-red thermal sign 
  • unbelievably long working life - up to 60,000 hrs
  • zero expenses for servicing – no replacements of components as : lamps, starter, stabilizer.
  • less plan infliction of sponges, fungi and pest in the case of LED specter and UV using 
  • a considerable saving of water and nutrients – a substrate does not dry up so much on the ground of lower temperature of environment
  • LED grow lights is alight angle-wise of 120° - there is no requirement for some another special shades or reflexive foils 
  • a safe using – units have integrated power supply and cooling, the light is not overheating thanks to inbuilt ventilators, the temperature remains at max. 32° C
  • saving of ventilation – large cost reduction for air conditioning
  • extremely easy setting – No setup required and no outside power supply, this is a plug and play lightsystem

    *guide board

    Watt led spectra  Watt classic HPS    illuminated area
     90W                  250W-400W          max.30m2
    120W                           400W         max  35m2
    180W                           600W         max  45m2
    300W                         1000W         max  75m2
    600W                         2000W         max 120m2



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