About our company

About our company

Mazar s.r.o. company was established in 2000 and we are engaging in trading and services.

In 2009 an unaided business departmens named MAZAR led systems for your growing was established. That business department continues to our longtime trading activity and to our show GROW SHOP in centre of Brno.

That business department targets the „ecological and economical" products in LED technology. We are not indifferent to our environment, we want to save our Earth, so that is why we took a decision to do a business in that sphere - „ecology and economy" are connected.

We made a decision to present our business department also on internet, so you could sit down comfortably at your home and buy our products through internet every day, 24 hours daily.

we wish you comfortable shopping ..

LED light is revolution!!!

LED light is revolution!!! 

Energy saving LED diode light is environmentally friendly by mason
of considerably lower power consumption, its extremely long working life does not load environment so hardly as another current obsolete lighting as for example typ HPS and HPI. Also a fact of lower production of chemical leavings is not insignificant ! Last but not least is important to mention also an economical factor - it means a considerable saving of finances of our customers ! 

We are not indifferent to environment and our Earth and so we made a decision to do a business in area of LED technology !

Reasons and advantages WHY use our energy saving LED lighting

  • Reasons and advantages WHY use our energy saving LED lighting:

  • a spectrum of light has exactly given wave lenghts – for the best prosperity of all plants. LED spectrum / SPECTRABOX is the first LED light, what enables to growers to go over whole cycle from germination up until harvest!
  • plants utilize 100 % light spectrum – below a classic HPS or HPI it is only 12-20% of light spectrum
  • distinctively lower power consumption – energy saving even up to 75% , 120W spectrabox úspora energie až 75% , 120W spectrabox is a substitution of 400W HPS (see bellow a conversion table)
  • a very low thermal emission – it does not leave infra-red thermal sign 
  • unbelievably long working life - up to 60,000 hrs
  • zero expenses for servicing – no replacements of components as : lamps, starter, stabilizer.
  • less plan infliction of sponges, fungi and pest in the case of LED specter and UV using 
  • a considerable saving of water and nutrients – a substrate does not dry up so much on the ground of lower temperature of environment
  • LED grow lights is alight angle-wise of 120° - there is no requirement for some another special shades or reflexive foils 
  • a safe using – units have integrated power supply and cooling, the light is not overheating thanks to inbuilt ventilators, the temperature remains at max. 32° C
  • saving of ventilation – large cost reduction for air conditioning
  • extremely easy setting – No setup required and no outside power supply, this is a plug and play lightsystem

    *guide board

    Watt led spectra  Watt classic HPS    illuminated area
     90W                  250W-400W          max.30m2
    120W                           400W         max  35m2
    180W                           600W         max  45m2
    300W                         1000W         max  75m2
    600W                         2000W         max 120m2

The nature of light

Information about nature of lifht
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